Download MultiPlayer Minesweeper (428k)       

This game works on any windows 95/windows NT based operating system.

Download MultiPlayer Minesweeper

If you downloaded an older version, and need the new INI file download this file

Revision History


Version 3.1, Build 5

      Updated ini file defaults for the new WMN ip address.

      Added feature of autoget new WMN ip addresses should the program

      be unable to connect.

      Fixed main menu splash screen which cut of the web address in windows 

      xp .

Version 3.1, Build 4

Updated ini file defaults for new WMN ip address

Version 3.1, Build 3

Changed a few lines of code so it would work with windows NT.

Version 3.1, Build 2

Changed WMN IP address to reflect the change.

Version 3.1, Build 1

Fixed the problem with the WMN not working

This version is required to create a server on the revised WMN

Fixed some minor bugs

Changed splash screen

Version 3.0, Build 2

Fixed a bug with the launch game not working

Version 3.0, Build 1

Initial (buggy) release